Emotions Country Resort - Hani Bagasaki, Stefani, Milia, Sella, Fidakia
T O U R I S T  A T T R A C T I O N S

Hani Bagasaki, Stefani, Milia, Sella, Fidakia

An alternative wonderful asphalt-paved route through thousands square meters of fir-tree forest in direction to Fidakia village. The route to Fidakia begins at Karpenisi in direction to the west and not to the north, towards Potamia and Porusos villages.

It’s actually the road from Karpenisi to Agrinio and in particular at the 8th kilometer in the area of Chani Bagasaki, in direction to the left (there are signs, too). From this point on, you can enjoy a wonderful 17 km long route full of fir-trees upt to Fidakia. The road, in a winding and turning course among slopes of Greek fir-trees, does not pass through any settlement, since the villages of Stefani, Milia and Sella (all of them with very few permanent residents) are situated beneath the level of the road. At Bagasaki there is a junction leading to Stefani (2,5 km.), to Milia in 11 km. and to Sella in 14 km., where you have a unique view to the beautiful stone-paved square of the village at an altitude of 1.050 m., to its well-maintained houses and its quietness and peace prevailing in the village, surrounded by a dense fir-tree forest.

Sella village is situated at the artificial lake of Kremasta, constructed in 1963 concentrating waters from two rivers: Tavropos (Megdova) and Agrafiotis. At the 16. km. from Chani Bagasaki, one kilometer before entering Fidakia, at an altitude of 1.100 m. you have a view over the entire lake and to the village not visible until then, surprising us in a unique and wonderful way. Fidakia inspires us at a glance. The village is nestled on a slope at 960 m. with a view to the lake. The houses, close to each other, aren’t many (about sixty). All of them are well-kept, despite the population decline of the village, reaching a peak after the civil war. Nowadays the permanent residents are not more than 30. In the settlement our attention is drawn by the church of Gennisis tis Theotokou (Birth of Mary, mother of Jesus) with its distinctive light-blue dome.

Few meters before the downhill road leading to the village, you will find on your right side, one of the two traditional guesthouses in Fidakia, called “Oi Lykoi” (The wolves), with a wonderful view to the village (it lies about 100 m. higher to the square, approximately at 1.050 m.), and partially to the Lake of Kremasta. The other guesthouse, along with the two taverns of the village, are located at the central square of Fidakia, ready to welcome anyone visiting the village. A place to enjoy the peace and the panoramic view to the lake gazing down at it from a height of almost 500 m. Vehicles are not allowed to enter the stone-paved alleys of the village – we reach the “Genniseos tis Theotokou” street, leading to the square only on foot. Fidakia is situated peacefully in a fir-tree forest and its strong point is the fact that it feels like a true balcony with a view to the lake.

The village is built at a location, where the Aetolian city of Oichalia used to exist in the ancient times at an altitude of 960 m.

Just outside Fidakia, at the end of the asphalt road, the dirt road to the settlements of Agia Vlacherna, Sarkini, Velota, and in particular in 2,5 km., leads you to the location called Tsagkaralona, where you have the best view to the Lake of Kremasta and to the Bridge of Episkopi, connecting the banks of the lake. Somewhere here our wonderful tour into the constant value of the Evrytanian landscape ends, believing that it will earn your trust in visiting our wonderful mountain land of Evrytania.