Emotions Country Resort - Kaliakouda, Aniada, Sigrello, Mouzilo
T O U R I S T  A T T R A C T I O N S

Kaliakouda, Aniada, Sigrello, Mouzilo

From the road to Megalo Chorio and in particular before the entrance to it, there is an accessible dirt road going upwards. This is where a gorgeous route in the woods begins leading either to Aniada village or to Psiana village and to the famous canyon of “Panta Vrechei”. This route goes through the dense fir-tree forest of Kaliakouda mountain, reaches almost the forest limit and rewards the visitor with a breathtaking view. A chance to camp for the more profound ones...

Further on we reach the small church of Kimisi tis Theotokou (Assumption of Mary) and the monument of the historic battle of Kaliakouda that took place on August 28th, 1823. You have to make a stop here to admire the wonderful view to Chelidona mountain in Paleo Mikro Chorio. This place is called Lakkomata and is located at an altitude of 1.500 m.

At Lakkomata on the left, the road leads to Aniada – Psiana and on the right to Stournara (or Doliana) village and also to the canyon of Panta Vrechei. On the left, at 9,5 km (namely after 200 m.) there is another crossroad with two directions, on the left the dirt road leads to Aniada and Sygrello villages and on the right the road leads to Psiana village (a rough dirt road with a difficult access).

In direction to Aniada and after 300 m. high above on our right we reach the ridge of Kaliakouda mountain, separating the highest peak (2.101 m.) from the second highest one. As we go on, the route is as beautiful as before, passing through the wonderful fir-tree forest. At 16,7 km from the beginning of the dirt road on the right in 800m. we reach the entrance to Aniada village. The central square is at 1.140 m. And has a very nice view to the two highest peaks of Kaliakouda mountain, almost 1.000 m. higher. Aniada is built on a slope full of fir-trees and has 30 permanent residents.

Further on, a 4 km long dirt road leads to Sigrello, an almost abandoned village with a very simple central square on an inclining ground, at 1.250 m. The sight of the abandoned village in winter is discouraging despite the fact that the village lies among fir-trees and has a wonderful wide view to Kaliakouda mountain.

The route from Aniada to Mousilo is enjoyable and the village, nestled in a lowered ground level at 720 m. among slopes with a view only towards the village of Agios Andreas, is perhaps the only village in the area that has a view to a slope northerly, full of an oak and fir-tree forest, with the oaks covering the largest part of it. The quietness and peace in Mousilo (even during busy days) is something that must be taken for granted.