Emotions Country Resort - T O U R I S T  A T T R A C T I O N S
T O U R I S T  A T T R A C T I O N S

Emotions Country Resort attracts visitors all around the year since it is an ideal choice to escape from your daily stress.

In winter you can enjoy the charming scenery of a snow-covered mountain and the relaxing warm atmosphere just like your home. In spring you can watch the nature reviving again and enjoy the beautiful landscape. In summer the freshness of the mountain will amaze you, while in autumn you will find pleasure in the calmness of the landscape, the mild climate and in the short and long walk paths in the woods or to the near villages.

The prefecture of Evrytania is a magical place and one of the most beautiful regions of Greece. Greener as any other place whether it’s summer or winter, full of verdant valleys, canyons, natural falls and impressive caves. A place full of tradition, hospitable locals, with many significant tourist attractions and important historical background.

Indicatively we recommend an excursion/itinerary, for you to find out more about the southern part of Evrytania.

Returning from your excursion, don’t miss to taste the fresh-cooked local specialties such as vegetable pie and coq au vin, sausages, “katiki” cheese, trout, spare ribs, as well as many other treats helping you to reboot your lost energy.