Emotions Country Resort - Kafalovriso, Korisxades, Gorgianades
T O U R I S T  A T T R A C T I O N S

Kafalovriso, Korisxades, Gorgianades

On this wonderful way to the villages of potamia, a short stop at Kefalovriso, located 2 km outside Karpenisi would be ideal for every one visiting the prefecture of Evrytania. Kefalovriso is situated at a beautiful spot with plane-trees and is in direct line of sight to Karpenisiotis river, rising in Tymfristos (Velouchi) further north.

At the historical area of Kefalovriso – where the hero Markos Botsaris fell in the battle between the Greeks and the Turks in 1823 – you can buy river trout or even have it prepared for you at the local restaurant.

The monument of Markos Botsaris

A wonderful route begins outside of Kefalovriso with the Greek fir trees (Abies cephalonica) becoming slowly visible. Already at this point the view is absolutely revealing with the mountain of Kaliakouda (2.101 m.) becoming clearly visible at the background. 5 km from the centre of Karpenisi (3,5 km from the junction to Kefalovriso) you reach the first and in fact historical village of Krischades on our way to Prousos.

Korischades (altitude 940 m.) is situated at a location in a fir-tree forest not visible from the main road, although only 2 km away from the road.


It is one of the best maintained and most traditional villages in the entire area of Evrytania. It is with reason a listed settlement since the beautiful stone-built manors (many of them have two floors) as well as the impressive church of Agios Athanasios (built in 1865) at the central square, will immediately draw your attention. Just on the right next to the square and the church you see the stone-built school where in May 1944 the historical meeting of the National Council of the Free Government took place after the Political Committee of National Liberation (PEEA) was established. Nowadays the building operates as a museum under the name “Museum of National Resistance”.

The road before the central square of Korischades (the largest square in the entire area of Evrytania!) goes further on to the near village of Gorgianades (1 km away from Korischades), a place also not visible from the main road. As soon as you are in the village you have a wonderful view to the valley of Karpenisiotis river. The approximately 150 permanent residents enjoy the quietness and peace of their village which is not visited by many tourists although it is so near to Korischades.