Emotions Country Resort - Karpenisi
T O U R I S T  A T T R A C T I O N S


Karpenisi, the capital of Evrytania, with approximately 10.000 permanent residents, is the starting point of our itinerary to the southern part of the prefecture. Karpenisi is 287 km away from Athens, 370 km from Thessaloniki and only 12 km away from the base of the two mountains of Kaliakouda and Chelidona, standing supreme in the southern of Evrytania.

The tunnel of Tymfristos

By passing through the tunnel of Tymfristos (1.200 m. length) we are just 8 km. away from Karpenisi with a wonderful view to Velouchi (Tymfristos) being a tourist attraction because of the ski center.

The capital of Evrytania is built over a wide flat region at the “foot” of Tymfristos at an altitude of 960 m, in a crucial point, being geographically almost in the centre of the prefecture.

The town of Karpenisi

Due to the tourist development, the town is well organized in matters of tourist services (hotels, apartments to let, many taverns, bars, etc.) outside the town as well as downtown. The tiled roofs of most of the houses seen on our way up to the ski center especially in winter, covered by snow, make the town look as beautiful as ever.

Passing by the very picturesque central square of Karpenisi and almost 500 m. further on, we are guided by road signs to the direction of Mikro Chorio, Megalo Chorio and Prousos. Now this is where beauty begins...