Emotions Country Resort - Voutiro, Nostimo
T O U R I S T  A T T R A C T I O N S

Voutiro, Nostimo

On the main road of Potamia to Prousos you pass by many villages and stores. Two kilometers away from Gorgianades, the “Saloon” activity park is one out of many reference points of the main road regarding alternative tourism and is located before the junction to Voutiro village.

Voutiro village

Voutiro (or Voutirou) is 7 km. away from the centre of Karpenisi. Just like Korischades, Voutiro is surrounded by slopes of a dense green fir-tree forest as well. The village sits at an altitude of 810 m. within a green environment and has beautiful stone-built houses. Its production of livestock and fruit and vegetable products is rich. The women’s cooperative of Voutiro is very actively involved in producing plenty of traditional delicacies.

A landscape full of snow in Voutiro

Apart from Emotions Country Resort, another point of reference to the well-maintained village is also the stone-built church of Agia Paraskevi (built in 1926) located next to the stone -paved central square. In fact, the church of Agia Paraskevi is the largest one in the entire area of Evrytania!. Nostimo (altitude 830 m.) is the next village on the right side of Karpenisi on our way to Prousos. Only 12 km away from Karpenisi with many beautiful houses. In the village there are lots of oaks and walnut trees. The dense fir-tree forest begins just above and all around the village. The old watermill and the small stone-built arched bridge are distinguishing attractions of the village having a wonderful view to the highest peaks of the picturesque mountain of Kaliakouda.