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Worth visiting

Municipality of KARPENISI

Byzantine Church of Agia Triada in Karpenisi. It is the Diocese of the prefecture’s capital. Renovated in 1645 by Evgenios Giannoulis of Aetolia. During Turkish domination the premises hosted the Higher School of Letters for more than 150 years. The church is situated in the Central Square of Karpenisi, which is paved with marble in a circle, enclosing the names of the older municipalities of the region, as well as statue of Markos Botsaris (erected in 1925).

Hill of Agios Dimitrios. It is presumed that at the top of this hill there used to be a castle with probably the citadel of an ancient settlement since clay objects and figures were discovered. Long ago the hill was called “Paleokastro”. From the top of the hill you can see the entire area of Karpenisi. It is a breathtaking view.

Katsantoni Square, with the copper statue of the heroic Greek bandit looking at the mountains of Evrytania, scarifying his life for at the end.

Kefalovriso. An amazing location, nestled among the green plane-trees. Right on that spot, in the night of August 8th 1823 Markos Botsaris, the hero of the Greek Revolution was killed. It is 2,5 km away from Karpenisi.

Ski Center. It has 7 lifts, 10 ski tracks, a 1st class modern chalet, restaurant, cafe', bar, a shop for renting ski equipment etc. It is 12 km away from Karpenisi.

Museum of National Resistance in Korischades. In May 1944 the National Council was held here, right after the First Free Elections. It is housed in the village’s School and is a listed historical monument. A photography exhibition is hosted within the museum. It is 6 km. away from Karpenisi.

Municipality of POTAMIA

The paleo-Christian Church of Agios Leonidis in Klavsi, dated approximately in the 5th century with its wonderful mosaic floor showing historic events with decorative figures and colors. It is 8 km away from Karpenisi.

Folklore Museum of Megalo Chorio. It hosts traditional outfits, household items, tools, photos etc. It is 14 km away from Karpenisi.

Municipality of PROUSOS

Monastery of Prousos. According to tradition, it is presumed that it was established in the years of the iconoclast Emperor Theofilos 829-842 AD and is connected to the adventures and the appearance of the holy icon of Panagia (Holy Mother) from Prousa in Bithynia of Asia Minor at the cave of Evrytania. The first five years of the 9th century is considered to be the time of establishment. The monastery hosts a museum with religious and historical exhibits. Near the village of Prousos you will find the Canyon of Black Cave, that used to be a shelter for the people hunted by the Turkish domination. It is 33 km away from Karpenisi.


Municipality of DOMNITSA

Krikello. An amazing location. On our way to the village we pass by “Neraidovouni”, a marvelous place. We also pass by “Kokkalia” where it is mentioned that a battle against the Gaul in 279 BC. It is 30 km away from Karpenisi

In this area, near Skopia, you will discover the natural monument of the “Pantavrechi” (always raining) canyon with its natural falls.

Municipality of VINIANI

Old Viniani, a historical village of Evrytania. The first “Mountain Government” established here in spring 1944, had decided to hold elections in the entire Greek state. The National Council, resulted from these elections, had held its meeting at the School of Korischades. Other attractions are the old, but abandoned stone-built houses and the single-arch bridge. It is 31 km away from Karpenisi.

Chryso, a typical village of Agrafa. On your way there you will discover majestic canyons and huge cliffs. There are many historical monuments and old churches to visit. The village is famous for its well-known 7 fountains of Arabian art. It is 53 km away from Karpenisi.

Dafni, a village of Central Evrytania, built at a low altitude of 580 m. The attraction of the village is the small church of Sotiras, a remaining of an old rich monastery with icons dated back in 1875. It is 52 km away from Karpenisi.

Municipality of FRANGISTA

Monastery of Tatarna. Built in 1555, but tradition says that the monastery existing on this spot was built already since 1200. The monastery of Tatarna has been the ideal hideout and shelter of the revolutionists during Turkish domination. A perfect strategic base for the war operations led by Karaiskakis. The current monastery of Panagia is a pilgrimage site with its impressive mosaic icon of “The King of Glory” dated in 1350. There are also ossuaries, holy vestments, crucifixes and several Byzantine icons in the monastery. It is 70 km away from Karpenisi.

Church of Metamorfosi tou Sotiros, at the homonymous location of Eastern Frangista, with the children’s summer camp of DEI (Electricity Company).

Municipality of AGRAFA

Agrafa. “The last remaining unexplored paradises of our country”. Agrafa at an altitude of 850 m. with many scattered historical settlements covering a large area far from each other, are surrounded by mountains with enormous peaks, and the rivers of Agrafiotis, Acheloos and Megdovas. The village of Agrafa bears the same name as that of a large area, a village with historical attractions, since Agrafa is one of the best-known villages of Roumeli. It is 91 km away from Karpenisi.

Church of Agii Taxiarches. It is located in Maratho of Evrytania and is a village of Agrafa and the place where Katsantonis came from. Famous for its interesting frescos and icons dated in 1771. The village sits at an altitude of 890 m. It is 85 km away from Karpenisi.