Emotions Country Resort - Klafsi
T O U R I S T  A T T R A C T I O N S


After the junction to Nostimo (on the main road) we encounter on our left side the clear waters of Karpenisiotis river and just 300 meters further on we reach the paleo-Christian church of Agios Leonidis (5th century AD !), a very important monument of this region. It is the church of Klavsi village with the first houses beginning to show a few meters higher above.

The church of Agios Leonidis is closed to the public but anyone interested in visiting the inside of the church to admire its impressive mosaic floor can ask for Father Spiros at the square of Klavsi, who is the key-keeper of the church.

Το Klavsi is built at 750 m. on the left side of Karpenisi (in the direction from Karpenisi to Prousos). The view from the village is simply fantastic.

From Klavsi you have a wide view to the river but also a wonderful view to the entire mountain of Kaliakouda on the left and to the sharp peaks of Chelidona mountain on the right. The vegetation in Klavsi is very dense, mostly from the surrounding deciduous trees and the fir trees beginning just above the village. It doesn’t have many houses and its permanent residents are not more than 150 people.