If you are interested in exploring Evrytania and experience unique moments in the nature, come to us. We will help you plan your excursions and propose experienced guides to escort and guide you to sensational activities, making your vacation as memorable as it can be.

Beautiful Karpenisi and the larger area of Evrytania with a variety of a natural environment is the ideal place for alternative tourism and activities everyone can take part in. Take the chance to escape either on your own, your friends or your family.

Suggested activities

  • Ski και snowboard - With your skis or your snowboard enjoy easy tracks with a unique view to the snow-covered mountains of Evrytania or for the experienced ones, enjoy the adventure and pleasure in skiing downhill even on the steepest slopes of the mountain. There are ski schools and ski hire station at the Ski Centr of Karpenisi.
  • Trekking - Trekking in the mountain, the nature, along the riverside but also in the rivers, where possible. Trekking can take place all around the year, preferably in the spring and summer. A large trekking route network gives you the opportunity to explore the hidden beauty of the roughest and most remote areas of Evrytania with the guidance of trained and experienced mountain guides.
  • Canyoning - It is a complex activity, combining trekking, climbing, descending of cliffs, passing through rivers and swimming. When the route is blocked by waterfalls, then jumping into the water from above, is involved as well. In Greece, canyoning is a relatively new activity, spreading very fast with many overwhelmed fans. Many canyons in the heart of Evrytania (Pantavrechei, Mavri Spilia, Vothonas), are ideal for canyoning on different skill levels and for rappelling in amazing waterfalls using the appropriate equipment.
  • Archery - You can do this sport in specially arranged spaces with training bows and targets.
  • Μountain biking - riding in the forests of the region, mostly around Karpenisi on quiet paths with artificial passages and beautiful forest roads.
  • Horse riding - Relax on a walk to the valley of Karpenisi with trained horses under the supervision and guidance of experienced guides-trainers.
  • Jeep Safari - By a private or hired 4X4 vehicle, driving on forest roads, through rivers, driving up the hill. Magnificent routes in the mountains in the escort of an experienced guide.
  • Rafting - Descending the rivers of the region by an inflatable boat. The rafting crew usually consists of 6 to 8 paddlers. A professional river guide navigates the boat.
  • Kayak ποταμού - One-seat boat, flexible on the rough river waters. For a safe descending you have to attend kayaking lessons.
  • Canoe-Kayak - Two-seat and very comfortable boats, ideal for lakes and for exploring narrow passages, always in the escort of a professional guide.
  • Monoraft - Descending a river in a single-seat inflatable boat. A professional river guide escort 5-6 monorafts.
  • Hot-Dog - Descending a river in two-seat inflatable boats. A professional river guide escorts 6-8 boats.
  • Hydrospeed - Descending a river on a special board, applying force with our body. A professional guide escorts 4-6 boats.