The essence is found in the trip… that's where all the magic is!

The Prefecture of Evritania is totally accessible by road, all year round winter to summer. Big and comfortable roads connect the Municipality of Karpenisi to all other big towns of continental, central and northern Greece.

If you love action, adventures, really magical sceneries and are 4Χ4 drive car fans, then go for the mountainous trails of Karpenisi. Excursions ideal for the hottest months, when snow and cold weather won't be an obstacle. For those travelling with their own car, attention must be paid during winter months.

You can also very easily reach magical Karpenisi by bus or train running at regular intervals! You can find more information at the Evritania Bus Terminal Route List.

The overall length of the main road network of the Municipality of Karpenisi is 126.5 Km., of which 26 Km. are National Road, 64.5 Km. regional roads, and the remaining 36 Km. are local roads. Also, of these, 88.5 Km. are laid with asphalt, whereas the remaining 30 Km. are earth covered. Only 17 Km. of the 126,5 Km. are not accessible during winter months, whereas the remaining 20 Km. at times face problems due to frost.

It should be stressed that all cars travelling during the winter months must be equipped with snow chains.

Next are given some indicative main access routes:
  • From Athens, taking the Athens - Lamia National Road. Overall distance 287 Km.
  • From Lamia, passing by the following locations: Lianokladi, Kastri, Makri, Makrakomi, Vitali, Ptelea, Neochoraki, Aghios Georgios, Timfristos, Rachi Timfristou, Aghios Nikolaos. Overall distance 78 Km.
  • From Thessaloniki, taking the Thessaloniki - Lamia National Road. Overall distance 368 Km.
  • From Agrinio, passing by the following locations: Potamoula, Aghios Vlasios, Karamaneika, Chouni, Episkopi Bridge, Ditiki Fragista, Anatolikh Fragista, Kalesmeno. Overall distance 111 Km.